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Journeys in the Light: Quaker stories Journeys in the Light: Quaker stories (2007)
by Jan Arriens, with illustrations by Margaret Mence Baker.
ISBN 978-0-9556183-1-4 180 pages £7.95

At Firbank Fell in the North of England, beneath the great rock on which George Fox preached, a plaque quotes his words: “Let your lives speak”.

Jan Arriens at Firbank FellJan Arriens has written a book of stories that speak of Quakers living faithfully from the 17th century to the present day – finding practical ways to defeat slavery, protesting against nuclear weapons, discovering individual journeys to peace, simplicity, truth and equality. These stories will appeal to young and old.

“Next time someone asks me ‘who are the Quakers?’ or ‘what do Quakers believe?’ I think I’ll just give them this book.” – Steve Whiting, Secretary to Quaker Peace & Social Witness Testimonies Committee

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