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Watching for the Morning Watching for the Morning (2007)
by Rabbi Sheila Shulman.
978-0-9556183-0-7 142 pages £7.99

Collected sermons, published by Pronoun Press in conjunction with the liberal Jewish organisation, Beit Klal Yisroel. Sheila was the first lesbian feminist rabbi trained at Leo Baeck College, who founded BKY, on the suggestion of Lionel Blue.

“Reading this book is a reminder that sermon-writing is not a lost art, and that in Sheila Shulman we have a gifted, literate, compassionate and committed exponent. Those who know her from her community work as founding rabbi of Beit Klal Yisrael, BKY, or the wide range of educational, social or community tasks she has undertaken, will recognize in every word the breadth of her culture, and the depth of her feelings, for causes but above all for people.” – Jonathan Magonet

Rabbi Sheila ShulmanSheila Shulman hasn’t always been a Rabbi. Born in 1936, she grew up in Brooklyn in a family of Jewish immigrants, who “struggled to stay alive”. Her early life too, was full of struggle – to be ordinary – less than she was. When she came to London in 1970 she discovered feminism, then lesbian-feminism. She has been a teacher, a printer and a poet. She believes that language can be action. The rest is in the book.

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